Course information

Each of the practical and interactive courses has been designed for marketers working in B2C and B2B media. You can expect the latest best practice, relevant publisher case studies, and practical ways to apply learnings immediately back in the office.

All of the courses are held in central London from 10am to 4pm.

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16 September

The secret to successful subscription campaign planning

Having fantastic creative marketing ideas is worthless unless you can plan and execute them successfully in the real world.

This course will provide you with the skills and tools to confidently plan and deliver profitable acquisition marketing campaigns across single and multiple marketing channels.

You'll walk away with a marketing plan template and support in completing a simple campaign plan for your business.

26 September

Who is my customer? Audience development and customer targeting in subscriptions

This course will provide a practical framework so you can build an audience development strategy, plus an exploration of best practice publisher case studies. 

Focusing on delivering valuable and engaged leads with a high propensity to buy products and services directly - such as subscriptions, memberships, event tickets, and e-commerce products.

14 October

Building brilliant customer relationships through effective personalisation and first-party data

Using first-party data and personalisation in your communications with prospects and customers should be a core component of your marketing mix.

The course will provide you with a realistic next-steps action plan and is packed with publisher case studies to inspire and motivate you to grow your first-party data and personalise communications through email and other marketing technologies.

21 November

Supercharge your social and community networks for subscription success

Regardless of size or sector, social is an important tool to reach existing and new customers. Building communities around a brand can impact both acquisition and retention.

For those new to using social for business, this course will introduce you to the main platforms and their relevance within subscription marketing. The session will help kickstart your thinking about how the community around a brand can be harnessed.

The course will enable you to identify which approaches are best suited to your subscription marketing objectives and how to integrate them into your overall marketing mix. It will provide real publisher best practice case studies.


An introduction to the art and science of subscriptions

Understanding subscription KPIs and how subscription processes work can be a challenge for marketing or technical specialists working alongside subscriptions teams for the first time.

Knowledge of wider subscription strategies is also vital for new subs marketers who are more focused on tactical day-to-day implementation.

This course seeks to give insight into the wider recurring revenues model in context.


Profitable strategies for engaging and retaining customers

Publishers have long understood the importance of strong retention rates in delivering high customer lifetime value, and the vital correlation between quality customer engagement and high retention rates.

This course will provide you with a realistic ‘to-do list’ of practical steps you can take that are proven to work, as well as highlighting real publisher best practice case studies.