1. The 'PPA Public Courses for Subscription Marketing Professionals' is a series of training courses administered by the Professional Publishers Association Ltd ("PPA").

2. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of attendance:
a) the "course" means one or more of the 'PPA Public Courses for Subscription Marketing Professionals' taking place on the following dates: 20 April 2023, 1 June 2023, 6 July 2023, 15 September 2023, 19 October 2023, 15 November 2023
b) the "Organiser" means The Professional Publishers Association Ltd ("PPA"), a company registered in England, company number 00132310, registered address White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street Yard, London, EC1Y 8AF
c) "Delegate" means an individual, whether part of a group or otherwise, by whom, or on behalf of whom a booking has been made which has been confirmed by the Organiser and who is entitled to attend the course
d) "Registration Fee" means all monies owing to PPA, the payment of which entitles an individual to attend the Course
e) "Substitution" means any circumstance where a Delegate who has paid in full is unable to attend the Course and arranges for another individual to attend the Course in their place, in agreement with the Organiser.

3. By registering for and/or attending the Course, all Delegates agree to be bound by, and comply with, these Terms and Conditions. It is the Delegate's responsibility to read and understand these Terms and Conditions.

4. In order to attend the Briefing as a Course, participants must pay in full or have paid in full on their behalf the Registration Fee immediately on booking or by the Due Date (see 8 below).

5. The Registration Fee entitles each Delegate to one place at the Course on one of the Course dates as detailed in 2a.

6. The Registration Fee does not include any travel costs, or any costs of accommodation. The Registration Fee relates solely to attendance at the Course.

7. All Registration Fees must be paid in GB Pounds Sterling (£). We prefer payment online via Stripe, our credit card processing partner.

8. If an invoice is requested, payment will be required on the earlier of a) 30 days from the date of invoice and b) 60 days before the start of the Course (the "Due Date"). If payment is not received within these required time limits, the Organiser reserves the right to cancel the booking without notice. Payment may be made by cheque, credit card or bank transfer. Credit cards will be charged in GB Pounds Sterling (£). When paying by bank transfer, all bank fees and money transfer costs must be prepaid by the transmitter. Please indicate your Booking Reference and surname as a reference on all bank transfers and communications.

9. A Delegate place at the Course will be confirmed by the Organiser once the completed booking is received by the Organiser. Confirmation by the Organiser of the delegate place at the Course forms a binding commitment for payment of the full Registration Fee(s) by the Delegate.

10. Delegate places at the Course are limited. Places are subject to availability.

11. Cancellations prior to 28 days before the course will be refunded (less an administration charge of 15% of the total Registration Fees). The Organiser regrets that cancellations received after this date cannot be accepted and no refunds will be made.

12. Substitutions can be requested by giving written notice to the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to accept or deny a request for Substitution.

13. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel your Delegate place at any time and for whatever reason (including without limitation cancellation of the Course) on repayment of the lesser of the Registration Fee, or if the Registration Fee has not been paid in full, the amount actually received by the Organiser; and this repayment shall be in full and final settlement of any claims against the Organiser by you relating to your Delegate place at the Course.

14. In the event of fire, flood or without limit other causes that the Organiser reasonably believes to be substantial or that are beyond the Organiser's control, the Organiser reserves the right to change the times, dates and the venues of the Course, without incurring any liability to you.

15. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and each party irrevocably agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

16. These Terms and Conditions, together with the registration form, constitute the entire agreement of the parties. In entering into this agreement, the parties have not relied on, and shall have no remedy in respect of, any statement, representation, warranty, understanding, promise or assurance (whether negligently or innocently made) of any person other than as expressly set out in this agreement. Each Delegate shall be deemed to have full knowledge of the Terms and Conditions and shall be bound by them in all respects.

17. These Terms and Conditions may not be modified, amended or rescinded, in whole or in part, except by written amendments signed by both parties.

18. To the full extent allowed by law and insofar as it is reasonable to do so, the Delegate agrees not to hold the Organiser liable for any damage or loss suffered or incurred by the Delegate during the course of the Course, including consequential (i.e. losses which are not incurred as a direct consequence of the event leading to any claim) or indirect losses or loss of profit, through registering for the Course, attending the Course, alteration of the Course schedule, cancellation of the Course, or any error or omission on the part of the Organiser. This provision does not reduce or restrict the Organiser's liability for death or personal injury caused by the Organiser's negligence or liability for fraud on the part of the Organiser.

19. The Delegate by accepting these Terms and Conditions hereby indemnifies the Organiser and its servants and agents against and hold it harmless from all or any loss or damage, injury, actions, proceedings or claims arising from any act or omission of the Delegate during the Course.

20. Delegates are responsible for taking appropriate insurance cover in connection with their attendance at the Course. Where the Delegate is travelling from outside of the United Kingdom to attend the Course, appropriate travel insurance should be purchased independently and in advance of any travel or travel bookings.

21. Any personal information provided as part of the Course registration is used for the purpose for which it has been provided (including but without limitation, providing delegate names to the venue operator and including delegate names and their respective business name in delegate lists to be distributed and/or displayed at the Course) and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

22. Delegates acknowledge that photography and/or filming may take place at the Briefing and as such they may be photographed and/or filmed. Such resulting film and/or photographs will be used for news purposes and by PPA for promotional purposes.

23. In the event of inappropriate behaviour by any Delegate in the view of the Organiser or the Course venue operator, the Delegate may be refused entry to or asked to leave and excluded from the Course without compensation.

24. Delegates may be asked to undergo reasonable security searches at the Course venue. 

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