Digital Experience Optimisation:
the Key to Unlocking Customer Lifetime Value Growth

June 16, 2021 | 10-11.30am

PPA Live! Roundtable with Daydot

Over the past year, PPA has run a series of webinars with Daydot, exploring subscriber retention and subscriptions growth strategies. In response to the interest generated in these sessions, we’re running a roundtable on June 16 to give publishers the chance to explore DxO in more detail by collaborating with peers and experts from Daydot.

What’s it all about?

Digital experience optimisation (DxO) starts with acquisition & onboarding, through to engagement & retention, and onto cancellation & win-back. The goal of DxO is to understand subscribers’ mindset and behaviours at each stage in their digital journey; identifying opportunities to test and optimise across all digital touchpoints to create an improved end-to-end digital customer experience. And as a result, an improved bottom line to your business.

Below are some of the typical commercial/marketing challenges which digital experience optimisation helps publishers to solve:

  1. Driving increased ARPU (average revenue per user) across acquisition flows.
  2. Understanding subscriber mindset and behaviour to fill content gaps, address anxiety, value proposition and other conversion factors.
  3. Identifying and optimising drivers for retention to reduce churn.
  4. Increasing customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  5. Driving audience identification and marketing opt-ins strategy.
  6. Developing smarter data and research-informed marketing automation.

What can I expect?

This roundtable is a chance for you to discuss digital experience optimisation with your peers – to get under the skin of what it means, discuss what you are already optimising, how you are prioritising, what you don’t understand and what challenges you are facing.

It will be under the Chatham House Rule to cultivate an open and trusted environment for sharing, and it will be moderated by Daydot and PPA.

Is this roundtable for you?

We think this session will offer the best value to those individuals operating in the following areas:

  • Directors/Head of Digital or Digital CX
  • Customer or Subscriber Acquisition, Retention, Engagement, Experience, or Optimisation


Suzie Duncan // Daydot
Suzie Duncan
Head of Marketing

With nearly 20 years in the industry, Suzie is a collaborative leader at Daydot. Previously an Account Director working with international clients, she is now focused on honing the agency proposition and services to meet client needs - always thinking about the next step in Daydot's journey.

Osh Rice // Daydot
Osh Rice
Business Director

Osh is an experienced digital marketing leader with a focus on insights and data-driven growth. He is a trusted advisor to Daydot clients, helping to translate complex commercial problems into measurable solutions through experimentation.