How To Please Consumers and the Planet At the Same Time

May 27, 2021

PPA Live! Webinar with Carnstone, Dennis, and The Economist

As the UK prepares to host COP26 in Glasgow this November, climate change and biodiversity loss have become prominent topics for discussion across the political and business landscape. As publishers adjust to the ‘new normal’ and emerge from a third set of national lockdowns, this PPA Live! session explores how businesses can adapt to meet consumers sustainability demands.

From working towards carbon emissions reduction targets to changes to business operations, we ask our expert panel for their thoughts on the initiatives and targets that companies have been adopting to accelerate their sustainability credentials, to inspire more publishers to improve their own efforts for a more sustainable future.


Marina Haydn, The Economist
Marina Haydn
EVP Sustainability
The Economist

Marina carries company-wide responsibility for environmental sustainability across strategy development and implementation working together with the executive leadership team and board for endorsement. She manages a 30-person cross-functional global team to contribute to this process. This includes carbon emissions measurement, monitoring and reduction plans in line with science-based targets, developing and implementing communications strategies and contributing to ESG strategy.

This follows a 20 year career in marketing and business management with The Economist Group, with her most recent function being EVP and Managing Director, Circulation. Responsibilities for this role encompassed management of the full P&L and operations of the readership business for The Economist, which is the largest revenue driver for the organisation. This included leadership of a 100 strong global team covering marketing (subscription acquisition & retention, customer service), data and insight, retail, and operations.

Robin Ryan, Dennis
Robin Ryan
Managing Director, Operations

Rob has over 20 years experience in Supply chain Management & heads up our Property, Manufacturing & Distribution, I.T. & Company Governance departments

Daniel Witte, Carnstone
Daniel Witte

Daniel is a Partner at independent management consultancy Carnstone, where he advises large companies and Non-Governmental Organisations on corporate responsibility and sustainability. His focus areas include climate change, deforestation in commodity supply chains, responsible lobbying, and investor engagement on ESG.

Two of Daniel’s main projects are in the media and publishing sectors. He leads the Responsible Media Forum, a partnership between 24 leading media companies to identify and take action on the environmental and social challenges facing the sector. Through the Forum, he supports collaborative efforts to understand the impacts of media companies on society, through research, events and initiatives. Daniel also leads the Forest Sourcing and Communication workstreams of the Book Chain Project, a collaboration of 26 book & journal publishers to build better supply chains. Daniel leads a team that engages with around 300 pulp & paper mills worldwide, helping publishers make informed buying decisions through insights on deforestation, environmental (energy, GHG & water) performance of sites and in-depth research projects.

Daniel holds and MSc from the London School of Economics & Political Science, a BA from Leiden University, and is a published author.