Can Editorial and Branded Content Ever Be Friends?

May 20, 2021

PPA Live! Webinar with The Washington Post

As advertisers increasingly look for meaningful ways to connect with audiences, publishers are always striving to create lucrative opportunities for commercial partners and core audiences to connect without damaging editorial integrity.

WP Creative Group is the content marketing arm of The Washington Post, and throughout 2020 drove record numbers of unique users to the publication by focusing on storytelling and bringing the value proposition of a newsroom to commercial partnerships.

In the words of Washington Post CRO Joy Robins, the WP Creative Group team “acts as a consulting partner and field research to help guide clients to what our audiences want to hear”. Tune in to hear from Denise Burrell-Stinson who leads the charge as Head of Creative about the mechanics that drive its relationships between partners and audience, how reader sentiment is shifting and how frequent analysis of audience insights is the key driver for success.


Denise Burrell-Stinson, Washington Post
Denise Burrell-Stinson
Head of Creative, WP Creative Group
Washington Post

Denise Burrell-Stinson is Head of Creative at WP Creative Group at The Washington Post. She’s an experienced media professional who has worked at major publishers, helping to turn big ideas into content programs for premium audiences. Her creative expertise spans working with teams in writing, photography, video, audio, and data visualization. The clients she has worked with include: Cleveland Clinic, Dell Technologies, IBM, Optum, Siemens, Mastercard, JPMorgan Chase, and Bayer, among others.

She holds an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University and a BA in politics from Princeton.