Increase Subscriber Retention and Maximise Revenue Growth

March 30, 2021

PPA Live! Webinar with Daydot

In our previous webinar with Daydot, we reviewed how 2020 was the year subscription acquisition was fuelled by lockdown. Habits changed. People consumed content like never before. Initially, publishers were concerned that subscribers acquired during this time would soon churn, but with lockdown 2.0 this hypothesis didn’t come to fruition and many subscribers are now settling into their new way of life.

The question now is how can publishers really harness these subscribers, binding them to become loyal brand advocates? How can you end 2021 having retained your influx of lockdown subscribers and achieved engagement levels like never before?

In this webinar, Katie Bloor explained how you can retain your subscribers and boost recurring revenue through digital experience optimisation, bringing this theory to life with case studies from The Wall Street Journal and other success stories.


Katie Bloor, Daydot
Katie Bloor
Head of Optimisation

Katie oversees CX optimisation strategies across acquisition, engagement, product development and retention for all Daydot clients. She passionately drives the CX optimisation at Daydot into new strategic areas, with a focus on solving new and unique business challenges.