The New Rules For Post-Lockdown Cover Design
...and how to monetise them in a digital world.

September 2, 2020

PPA Webinar with Andy Cowles

Front covers remain one of publishings most powerful assets. They are an instant brand expression that fuse an entire audience identity into a single, shareable message.

With covers increasingly being discovered on digital channels, their reach and impact has increased exponentially. But designing for this new reality requires an entirely new mindset. They may ultimately exist in print, but they must work on mobile first.

In this fast-paced session, award-winning creative director Andy Cowles will provide practical tips on how animation, tone-of-voice and reframing the story can all be used to stop audiences mid-scroll, draw them into your content and, ultimately, encourage them on a journey to becoming a paying subscriber. 

Andy will be drawing on case studies from a range of UK brands, including specialist monthlies, precision B2B and traditional weeklies, – all with the aim of helping you increase awareness, inspire your audience and boost your bottom line.


Andy Cowles, Cowles Media
Andy Cowles
Cowles Media

Andy Cowles is a world-renowned creative director whose leadership roles include Editorial Development Director of Time Inc. UK, Creative Director of Mademoiselle for Condé Nast and Creative Director of Rolling Stone in NYC. Andy has won multiple editorial and design awards, including the UK’s most prestigious, the BSME Mark Boxer award. He is also a Guardian Masterclass trainer, mentor and coach. Andy is the founder of brand design and content agency Cowles Media (