Barry McIlheney interviews Stylist Editor-in-Chief Lisa Smosarski

July 2, 2020

PPA Webinar with Stylist

Lisa Smosarski, Editor-in-Chief at Stylist, joins Barry McIlheney on our virtual sofa for a fireside chat about what she and the team at Stylist have been up to during lockdown. Lisa tells us how the award-winning title - previously given away to commuters up and down the country - has had to quickly adapt its entire strategy now that the vast majority of commuters are staying at home.

How has their audience reacted to the brand new Stylist app, where will she and the team go from here, what lessons have they learned over the last three months, and what does the future look like post-pandemic? We hear about all this and lots more in this upcoming exclusive interview. Not one to be missed!


Barry McIlheney
Barry McIlheney

Barry McIlheney is the former CEO of the PPA, the industry body for all UK magazine media. He is also the former Editor and Publisher of such iconic brands as Smash Hits, Q, Empire, Elle, and The Face. He sits on the boards of the European Magazine Media Association and FIPP, the global media network. In 2018 he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the magazine industry in his native Ireland.

Lisa Smosarski, Stylist
Lisa Smosarski

Lisa Smosarski is the editor-in-chief of the award-winning women’s weekly Stylist, and a board director of The Stylist Group.

Lisa joined Stylist in September 2009 as launch editor of the freemium weekly magazine, and has subsequently overseen the feminist brand’s expansion which now includes an award-winning website, video studios, the annual Stylist Live event, the Remarkable Women Awards and a new fitness brand, Stylist Strong.

As editor in-chief she has seen Stylist win over 100 industry awards, including PPA editor of the year, and BSME weekly editor of the year.

Prior to this, Lisa was the editor of more!, bliss and Smash Hits, launch edited and has been a contributor to many UK magazines. Lisa also presented the Channel 4 TV series, Make Me A Grown Up.